Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Get a Feel For the Flavor

If I had to describe the recipes you should expect in one little word... it would be American. I always do my homework. I always want to know the right way to do things, the culturally proper way to execute a recipe, and even the factors that led to the creation of the recipe and it's evolution since it's initial use. But at the end of the day, I'm going to do whatever I want with a recipe. I'm about to share my recipe for Morrocan Mini Meatloaves. I know they are not Morrocan. But Morrocan-Inspired Mini Meatloaves is just too long of a name, people. Keep in mind that these are all American versions of recipes. I don't want a bunch of angry comments about how I wasn't true to a recipe's roots - this is what we do here, we take what we want and leave the rest. Sometimes I take it too far, I know... ask my Peruvian friend Segundo, who shook his head in horror while I made sweet peach tamales. "I will never tell my mother," he said. I'll do my best to avoid sharing any serious cultural blunders here... just don't expect me to be authentic all the time.

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